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Perkenalkan kami adalah supplier gaharu yang lebih mengkhususkan kepada gaharu terbaik Indonesia, yaitu gaharu asal kalimantan Timur daerah Malinau, malinau sangat di minati negara timur tengah karena resinnya yang banyak dan negara Tiongkok karena memiliki wewangian yang sangat khas, itulah yang menyebabkan semakin banyak orang yang berburu gaharu malinau, semakin hari semakin sedikit gaharu yang tersedia di alam dan menyebabkan harganya semakin tinggi.

karena itulah kami menyediakan gaharu jenis aquilaria malacensis yang berasal dari malinau - kalimantan timur.
anda hanya akan mendapatkan gaharu malinau yang asli di sini dan kami jamin qualitasnya serta keaslian gaharu yang berasal dari pedalaman kalimantan dan bukan gaharu budidaya.
What's Agarwood

Agarwood is an aromatic resinous wood that forms within some Aquilaria trees. It is also produced in a closely related genus called Gyrinops. Both of these trees, classified in the Thymelaceace family, grew sparsely in the rain forests of Asia but are now considered endangered in most countries and rarely found in natural forests.

For thousands of years this resinous wood was burned as incense during meditation and prayer to help people achieve a higher level of consciousness and a state of deep inner peace. Many religious groups including Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Taoists and Christians consider agarwood the most precious of materials. Agarwood incense is said to have a calming effect and to increase body energy or "chi". It is also an important component of traditional Chinese and Malay medicine. Its pleasing fragrance has been enjoyed throughout the world and has developed into a beautiful aromatic art form in Japan called the koh-doh ceremony.